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The King's Fools' Gold Loaf Sandwich

This was Elvis Presley’s favorite meal. Legend has it that on the night of February 1, 1976, Elvis was at his home Graceland entertaining Capt. Jerry Kennedy of the Denver Colorado police force, and Ron Pietrafeso of Colorado's Strike Force Against Crime. Knowing of The King‘s love of peanut butter sandwiches, they told Elvis about the Fool's Gold Loaf sandwich: an Italian loaf stuffed with peanut butter, jelly, and bacon. Elvis decided he wanted one right then and there. The men flew two hours to Denver, arriving at 1:40 AM. The plane taxied to a special hangar where the passengers were greeted by the owner of the Colorado Mine Company, Buck Scott, and his wife Cindy who had brought 22 fresh Fool's Gold Loaves for the men. They spent three hours in the hangar eating the sandwiches. When they were done, they flew back to Memphis without ever leaving an airport. Truly a sandwich fit for a King!

  • 1  loaf white Italian bread

  • 2  tablespoons butter

  • 1  lb lean bacon, cooked

  • 10 oz smooth peanut butter

  • 10 oz grape jelly


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Sharp knife, butter knife, microwave

Ready: 5 min Serves: 1 huge sandwich, which can definitely be shared

1. Cut loaf in half lengthwise. Spread butter on both sides.

2. Warm the bread for 20 seconds in a microwave.

3. Spread peanut butter, add bacon, then spread the grape jelly.

4. Enjoy!

1 loaf: Calories: 5530

Total Fat 382.1 g

Cholesterol 369.8 mg

Sodium 7093.9 mg

Total Carbohydrate 407.2 g

Dietary Fiber 28.1 g

Sugars 174.1 g

Protein 151.4 g

Peanut butter is good for Weight Loss– Eating peanuts and peanut butter helps control hunger without leading to weight gain.Full of Healthy Fat– The fat in peanut butter is heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the good fat your body needs.

High in Valuable Nutrition– Peanut butter has potassium as well as protein which lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.High in Fibre– It also contains fibre for your bowel health, healthy fats, magnesium to fortify your bones and muscles, Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Energy Booster– Peanut butter contains good amounts of healthy fats and protein which means it contains plenty of calories that will give energy.

Better blood circulation– it is a great source of iron, magnesium, and potassium making it helpful for maintaining the proper blood flow in the body.

Lambrusco Amabile, Nettare di Bacco NV, a blend of Lambrusco Salamino, Lambrusco Marani, and Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes.


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