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What Does that Mean... EAT LiKE MEN?

EAT LiKE MEN® is about taking amazing recipes and customizing them to prepare epic meals that will suit the dietary needs of everyone in your family. EAT LiKE MEN is not about gender, it's for ANYONE that prepares meals and loves to spend quality time with their family and friends; Whether your male, female, old, young,  a professional chef or you have never cooked in your life. 

The Reason I Want to Share my Recipes with You.

My mother Anna Ciccone-Rousseau was my biggest influence to learn to cook and have fun doing it. She came from a large Italian family who immigrated from Naples, Italy in the early 1900s, here to America. They lived in the Bronx, New York City, where her father managed one of NYCs first pizza restaurants and raised her brothers and sisters. As they got older, they moved their family to southern California in the Los Angeles area, where the brothers and sisters began opening their own restaurants, bakeries, and pizzerias on the West Coast. Their talents were passed on to me and I've been cooking and developing recipes since the age of 5, and now I want to pass on my recipes to you.

EAT LiKE MEN Means Making Epic Meals for Every Body.

We realize that cooking something you never have prepared before contains a lot of uncertainty. You may need more than just a list of ingredients flashing on the screen.  And whether you have food allergies or just maintaining a diet, like reducing carbs, gluten, sugar, or increasing protein and healthy fats— I will give you alternatives that will ROCK OUT the basic recipes so you can custom-make them perfect for you and your family, whether they are Vegan, Gluten-Free, on a Low Cal/Carb diet, or on a Keto diet. EAT LiKE MEN gives you the option to customize these recipes to make epic meals for every body!

EAT LiKE MEN is Not Just About Recipes!

We love to celebrate every day, therefore we also have Celebration Calendars that give you inspiration for making epic meals. I find cooking to be not just necessary in nourishing ourselves, but also opportunities for creating memories and having fun with your friends and family.

We Care About Your Special Dietary Needs and Food Allergies.

Whether you are Vegan, on a Keto diet, Low-Carb or Low Calorie diet, many of our recipes recommend alternate ingreident options that will suit your dietary needs. Obviously, there can't be a different option for every ingredient, but there are many alternatives available that we would like to include and share with you so you can customize our recipes to make them bestst for you, your friends, and your family.

Thank You for Visiting Our Site.

Thanks for browsing the site. I'm sure you find many meals that you would like to prepare, whether seafood, beef, breakfast, veggies, cocktails for the grown-ups and recipes just for kids and your pets too! Keeping checking back as new recipes will be added every week or sign up to receive emails when a new recipe has been posted.   ~Enjoy!


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