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HOW TO Find Gluten-Free Ingredient Alternatives

Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat, rye, barley and related grains or mixtures. Whether or not you may have a gluten intolerance or suffer from celiac disease, many people have found they feel better when following a gluten-free diet. Many ingredients are naturally gluten-free, such as corn, rice, quinoa, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, milk, eggs, meat, fish, poultry, legumes, fats and oils. However, there are many grain-related ingredients which contain gluten and should avoid, such as pasta, breads, cereals, and yes—beer! But don’t worry! You will discover a variety of gluten-free alternatives that you can use to easily replace ingredients that contain gluten.

The list below shows ingredients with gluten in red text, and their Gluten-free alternatives next to them in green text.

  • Bagel > Rice cake

  • Barley > Arborio rice or quinoa

  • Beer > Gluten-free beer

  • Bread > Gluten-free bread with Xanthan or guar gum

  • Breadcrumbs > Rolled oats, flaxseed

  • Brewer’s Yeast > Gluten-free Brewers Yeast

  • Bulgur > Rice

  • Cereal > Corn flakes, rolled oats, rice flakes, soy flakes

  • Crackers > Gluten-free cracker, rice cakes

  • Croutons > Gluten-free croutons, chopped nuts

  • Couscous > Quinoa, ground cauliflower

  • Flour, All purpose > Coconut flour, soy flour, almond flour, cornmeal (pancakes), corn flour

  • Frosting > Meringue

  • Granola > Gluten-free granola mix, chopped nuts

  • Graham > Gingersnaps, gluten-free graham crackers

  • Noodles > Noodles made from rice, corn, soy, quinoa, or bean flour

  • Ovaltine > Cocoa

  • Pasta > Gluten-free pasta, rice, buckwheat, millet or corn noodles

  • Roux > Cornstarch and water added to meat droppings.

  • Semolina > Polenta

  • Soy Sauce > Tamari

  • Tortillas, Flour > Corn tortillas

  • Wheat Bran > Gluten-free oat bran

  • Wheat Starch > Cornstarch

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