• Rock Rousseau

10 Epic Candy Coated Popcorn Recipes

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

A snack featuring the best of both worlds- Savory, buttery popcorn coated in a decadent, colorful candy shell. This epic combination of sweet, salty, and buttery will instantly transport you to memories of the circus, ballpark, boardwalk, or amusement park. It’s a fun snack for birthday parties, holidays, or a family gathering. The basic recipe makes Cotton Candy Popcorn! Check out how to ROCK OUT this recipe with our EPIC 10 recipe variations.

  • 6 cups popped kettle corn popcorn (about two bags of microwave - I recommend not using a buttery-flavored as the yellow coloring will change your preferred colors of the food coloring)

  • Neon food coloring (I recommend common cotton candy colors such as blue, pink, and purple)

  • 2 TBSN Cotton Candy syrup (I use this syrup)

  • 1/2 cup water

  • 3/4 cup lite corn syrup

  • 2 cups granulated sugar or alternative sweetener (granulated Splenda also works well)


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3 Baking sheets, 3 large mixing bowls, parchment paper, large pot or Dutch oven, mixing spoon, silicone spatulas

Prep: 15 min Cook: 10 min Ready: 25 min Serves: 12

1. Prepare popcorn as directed on package. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

2. In a large pot or Dutch oven, combine water, corn syrup, and sugar.

3. Stir to mix. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes; Test temperature using a candy thermometer until it reads 300 F (150 C). Remove from heat.

4. Add cotton candy flavoring and stir to combine. Wait until mixture stops bubbling.

5. Separate sugar mixture evenly into 3 large small bowls or measuring cups.

6. Add 5-7 drops of neon food coloring to each bowl- one pink, one blue, one purple. Stir each bowl until mixture is thoroughly colored.

Pour each bowl of coated popcorn onto three prepared baking sheets with parchment paper. Spread popcorn out to separate popcorn and prevent overlapping.

7. Using a measuring cup, slowly drip candy syrup all over the layer of popcorn. You can make other popcorn all one color or drip different colors together.

9. Cool before serving. Serve mixed or separated by color- your preference.

1 serving:

Calories: 101

Total Fat: 3.1g Saturated Fat: 1.0g Cholesterol: 5mg Sodium: 44mg Potassium: < 1mg Total Carbohydrates: 18.9g Dietary Fiber: 0.4g Protein: 0.3g Sugars: 17g

Popcorn is high in several important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants. Not only that, but it is also incredibly tasty and one of the world's best sources of fiber. At the end of the day, popcorn is very healthy and consuming it in moderation may even help with weight loss.

Red or white wine,

Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.

Pumpkin Spice Halloween Popcorn

Follow the basic recipe using orange, purple and green food coloring and Pumpkin Spice flavored syrup. Mix in some Halloween decor like plastic spiders or bugs, gummy worms, scary candy.