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Marbled Easter Eggs

Updated: May 25, 2020

These elegant looking Easter eggs, are not just beautiful to look at but fun to make. This method of using shaving cream and food coloring will produce very unique Easter Eggs quickly and easily, without a lot of mess or spending a lot of money. Your kids will have a great time coloring eggs with the shaving cream!

  • 12 hard-boiled eggs, cooled

  • Foam shaving cream

  • 4 color food coloring (neon colors work best)

  • Disposable foil baking pan

  • Slotted spoon

  • Empty egg carton

  • Paper towels

  • Disposable foil pan

Prep: 20 minutes prep Ready: 1-12 hours Serves: 12

1. Lay paper towels inside the egg carton.Fill each corner section of your foil pan with shaving cream.

2. Sprinkle several drops of each color of food coloring into the four sections of shaving cream.

3. Use a straw to swirl your shaving cream and food coloring. Don’t over swirl or the colors will mix too much and will not be as bright.

TIP: You can use sandwich baggies as gloves to help keep the food coloring from staining your fingers.

4. Place an egg in the pan, and swirl the egg around until its covered with colored shaving cream. Try mixing in different color combinations.

TIP: If shaving cream becomes overly mixed, make another section and add more food coloring and swirl again.

5. Place eggs in paper towel lined egg carton and allow eggs to dry from an hour to overnight; still covered in the shaving cream.

TIP: The longer the eggs are exposed to the food coloring, the brighter the colors will be. I recommend letting them sit in the colored cream overnight. You can repeat this process after the eggs have dried to add more color and texture to the eggs.

6. Dispose the colored shaving cream once you are happy with the colors of your eggs.

7. Using a damp paper towel, rub off the dried shaving cream from each egg; rinse with water if necessary.

8. Refrigerate before enjoying your marbled eggs! If you are not sure what to do with the eggs, you can always use them to make Deviled Eggs or add them to your Easter bread. Click here for the Deviled Eggs recipe. Click here for the Braided Easter Egg Bread recipe.

One large hard-boiled egg (50 grams) provides (1): 77 0.6 grams Total fat: 5.3 grams Saturated fat: 1.6 grams Monounsaturated fat: 2.0 grams 212 mg 6.3 grams

Hard-boiled eggs are loaded with nutrients, protein and healthy fats.

Champagne and eggs are a classic pairing—

the bubbles and acidity cut through that eggy fat.

More varieties coming soon!


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