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HOW TO Create the Perfect Burger Patty Press

Don’t buy a fancy burger press that only forms tiny burger patties or drains all of the moisture from your meat. This simple DIY burger patty press uses items you probably trash every week and recycles them into a perfect patty maker. Use this for forming 4-5” diameter beef patties, turkey patties, or the perfect tuna fish patty. They come out the perfect shape every time while retaining the necessary moisture for juicy, round patties every time.

Materials needed to build Burger Patty Press:

  • Electric or hand can opener

  • Cooking spray

  • Empty 64 oz chicken stock can

  • Empty 10 oz ground coffee can with plastic removable lid.

To make the Burger Patty Press: 1. Use a can opener to remove the bottom of the chicken stock can. If the top of the can is still in tact, remove the top as well to form a hollow cylinder.

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2. Remove any paper labels from the outside of the cans.

3. Wash both cans and lid with soap and water. Ensure all coffee grinds and glue residue from the labels are removed. Dry the cans thoroughly after cleaning to avoid rusting.

4. Place dry lid back on top of coffee can to form a hollow drum. 5. Ensure the coffee can fits easily within the chicken stock cylinder can enter and exit both ends without getting stuck. Set aside.

To use Burger Patty Press: 6. Prepare your ground meat and form into palm sized balls. Place on greased baking sheet. 7. Place cylinder over a formed meat ball on a baking sheet. Spray cooking spray on plastic lid on the coffee can. 8. With plastic lid facing down, press coffee can into cylinder. Press down on coffee can to flatten meat ball and shape the patty within the cylinder.

9. Gently lift cylinder, and push coffee can to release Patty from the cylinder. This should form a perfect burger patty, about 4-5 inches in diameter and and 1-11/2 inch thick. For wider patties, use a plate to press down a bit further to further flatten the patty, if desired. 10. Repeat steps 6-9 to form the remaining burger patties. Then, cook burgers as preferred.

To clean Burger Patty Press:

11. Be sure to use soap and water to clean tin cylinder and drum. Dry thoroughly to prevent rusting. If you notice any signs of rust after use, discard immediately and remake with new cans.

Hey, send me pics! I want to see your perfect burger patties! ~Enjoy!!

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